Website and training manual copy: Zehra (home)

ZehracZehra with Peptan Collagen is a premium beauty supplement launched in 2012. I wrote all website, leaflet, and training manual copy.

This required detailed research into the product as well as ensuring labelling laws (health claims, etc.) were strictly adhered to.

The product was aimed at the high LSM older woman (and, later, man). The copy had to convey some fairly complex concepts, including scientific research, in an interesting and understandable manner.


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Website and training manual copy: Zehra Man

zehra manTime was that a craggy ‘Clint Eastwood’ stare into the distance was manhood personified, but the times, they most definitely are a-changing… As Clint narrows his eyes at his adversary, we can’t help thinking ‘someone should have told him about sunscreen, and an exfoliating facial would do wonders for him’.

Men have always groomed themselves, but the amount varies on the spirit of the age. Since the dawning of the age of the ‘metrosexual’, skin care and grooming have become mainstream again, and the hipster revolution has spawned a whole new industry in beard oils and moustache waxes. But caring for your skin goes well beyond fashion. Looking after your body’s largest organ gives you long-term returns in health and socially.

It’s in the genes. Or is it?

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Website copy: Burgess & Finch

B&F Website 1The official Burgess & Finch aromatherapy website.

“In 1993, high quality aromatherapy brand Burgess & Finch was launched in South Africa – a first in the country. It is credited with being a fundamental driving force in developing the South African aromatherapy market.

Burgess & Finch provides pure, top-quality essential oils to therapists and everyday customers alike, making the beautiful and effective art of aromatherapy available to all…”



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