Video: Tina’s Story

Tina is a Pitbull rescued by Fisantekraal Animal Welfare; she recovered and went on to be adopted. On researching the types of videos that attract animal lovers, it become very clear that people love a ‘happily ever after’, are weary of distressing pictures, and want something they can sit back and enjoy.

Thus, the ‘Tina’s Story’ video was born.

Video: What happens at an animal sterilisation outreach

This video was aimed at educating people on why an animal welfare needs to do mass sterilisation outreaches – and giving them insight into what happens at such an event. The original video had 148 views – the highest FAW has had on a video so far. Following a request, I added a sponsor slide, thus requiring the video to be reloaded.

The feedback on the video has been extremely positive, and was followed by an increase in donations towards future mass sterilisation days, as well as offers to volunteer at one.

Video: Mandela Day 2016 – Building a Bunny Haven

My first ‘event video’ was made after a succesful Mandela Day initiative to improve the rabbit enclosure for several homeless bunnies residing at Uitsig Animal Rescue Centre – a project which I planned, coordinated, and supervised. It was filmed using a fairly basic camera so quality was a slight issue, but, nonetheless, it achieved its goal of showing people how the event came together!