The Long And Short Of It Pt I (Canine Zone)

cz-nov16-cover“Dogs talk with their bodies and, especially, their tails. A happy dog joyfully wagging its tail will light up any dog-lover’s heart; likewise, nothing tugs the heartstrings like a dog with his tail firmly between his legs. They’re so expressive that humans and dogs alike know straight away what they’re trying to ‘say’. Tails are also needed for balance and agility. And yet, despite our civilised age and a ban on the practice, the non-therapeutic removal of tails persists…”

(Canine Zone October-November 2016)




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Left Behind (Canine Zone)

CZ Jan16 covercShe stands at the gate and waits. Day turns to night and back to day again. Still, she waits, alone, afraid, and hungry. The house is empty but she has faith that her family will be back. Something must have delayed them. There must be a reason why, when she scratches at the door to be let in, no one answers. When the gate finally opens, a stranger greets her; her people have moved on, leaving her behind…

(Canine Zone December 2015/January 2016)



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ABC of Adoption (Canine Zone)

CZ ABC adoptions Dec2015cLooking for a new canine companion? There are thousands of perfect pooches to choose from in animal welfares across the country, each one appealing, friendly, loving, and so desperately in need of homes. So, why, then, don’t welfares just give animals away to anyone? The reason is simple: adoption goes beyond just getting animals out of the shelter; they need to go to good homes – and stay there. Organisations are responsible for their health, happiness, and safety, both now and in future; adoption procedures help them achieve this.


(Canine Zone December 2015/January 2016)



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To Sleep, Perchance To Dream

NM Aug11 CovercThere’s nothing like a good night’s sleep to make you feel tip-top. We’re often advised to ‘sleep on it’ when there’s a tough issue to resolve, or reminded that ‘things will look better in the morning’ when we’re stressed. A tired body becomes a refreshed one after a good, long sleep. That’s because sleep is like the body’s own mechanic: it allows it to heal and mentally and physically restore itself.

(Natural Medicine magazine August 2011 and Vitalise 3 2010)




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Crazy for Coconuts (Natural Medicine)

NatMed Sept2013 Coconuts CovercMention coconuts, and people think of island-style holidays, palm trees swaying in the breeze, monkeys, and cocktails. 

Alas, the tasty coconut, particularly its oil, has attained a bit of a bad reputation – completely undeservedly, it turns out. In fact, you may be surprised at just how healthy coconut oil really is…”

(Natural Medicine September 2013)





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Hey, Chick! (Natural Medicine)

Nat Med Issue 78 Chickpeas Cover“Breaking news: the chickpea pipped both chicken and egg to the post – nutritionally and chronologically. Wild chickpeas have been discovered and carbon-dated as far back as 10 000BC in North-Western Syria, and domesticated versions at around 3000BC; while wild chickens only reached the domestication finishing post by 2500BC.

Although the word ‘wild’ isn’t one that generally springs to mind when thinking about the humble chickpea, if you read on you soon will be wild about them…”

(Natural Medicine December 2011)




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Holiday Essentials (Vitalise)

Vitalise 4 2013 cover“We’re all going on a summer holiday…” sang Cliff Richard in the 1960s, jauntily reminding us that there was much fun and laughter ahead. But, while year-end usually means holiday of some kind, there’s often a  lot of hard work and potential stress involved before you can even think of rest.

From long, tiring drives, bored kids runing wild, and the draining heat of a South African summer; to germs sending you to bed, or high expectations ending in disappointment, this time of year can be more taxing than relaxing. But, it’s not all doom and gloom – with a little preparation you’ll soon be footloose and fancy free.”

(Vitalise 4 2013)


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Have The Gall (Vitalise)

Vitalise 4 2011 Contents c

“Incredible pain”. That’s what 37-year old Susan says prompted her to head for the doctor. “It turned out that there was a handful of stones in my gallbladder so I would have ended up in more intense pain if I hadn’t had the operation [gallbladder removal] when I did.”

Cholecystectomy (gallbladder removal) is one of the most commonly-performed surgeries performed, and, while exact statistics aren’t known for South Africa, an estimated 25 million Americans have gallbladder disease, especially stones, 2/3 of them women. 

(Vitalise 4 2011)


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