The Long And Short Of It Pt I (Canine Zone)

cz-nov16-cover“Dogs talk with their bodies and, especially, their tails. A happy dog joyfully wagging its tail will light up any dog-lover’s heart; likewise, nothing tugs the heartstrings like a dog with his tail firmly between his legs. They’re so expressive that humans and dogs alike know straight away what they’re trying to ‘say’. Tails are also needed for balance and agility. And yet, despite our civilised age and a ban on the practice, the non-therapeutic removal of tails persists…”

(Canine Zone October-November 2016)




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Shrimp flowers

shrimp-flowerWhen I was a child, the shrimp plant – so named because the drooping beige-salmon-rose madder flowers look distinctly, well, shrimpy – was en vogue in gardens across South Africa. Right along with asbestos flower pots, wire-seated garden furniture, and ‘slasto’ (slate paving). You hardly ever see shrimp plants anymore and you certainly can’t buy them in any nursery I’ve come across, which is a pity because they’re really rather sweet. And, to me, special.

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Hey, Chick! (Natural Medicine)

Nat Med Issue 78 Chickpeas Cover“Breaking news: the chickpea pipped both chicken and egg to the post – nutritionally and chronologically. Wild chickpeas have been discovered and carbon-dated as far back as 10 000BC in North-Western Syria, and domesticated versions at around 3000BC; while wild chickens only reached the domestication finishing post by 2500BC.

Although the word ‘wild’ isn’t one that generally springs to mind when thinking about the humble chickpea, if you read on you soon will be wild about them…”

(Natural Medicine December 2011)




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The Dark Side of Light (JUMP)

Jump 2 2015 Light cover“There is a dark side to light…

Today, we are surrounded by electrical lighting, 24-7. Our computer screens and cellphones glow, we work in windowless yet brightly-lit buildings, do night-time shift work, watch TV, go out, and more. But growing evidence suggests that this has insididious effects on our health, and the picture, well-lit though it is, does not look good…”

(JUMP 2 2015)


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Newsletter booklet: Burgess & Finch Essentials Summer 2012

EssNews Summer2011 CovercAn A5 magazine-style newsletter aimed at the upper LSM female consumer.

The aim of Burgess & Finch Essentials was to inform and delight consumers, and inspire them to use Burgess & Finch aromatherapy products (for which I was also Brand Manager).

I wrote and edited the newsletter, sourced images, coordinated photoshoots for products, and was extensively involved in layout.

Download full magazine: B&F Essentials Summer 2012 or read it here!



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