Winter 2016.

I’d been pulled from the warm, plushy depths of my bed by the urgent ring-ringing of the doorbell. It was bitterly cold and, of course, I didn’t want to go outside but, ‘for whom the bell tolls’, and all that. An unexpected tableau greeted my sleepy eyes: two burly men – neighbourhood watch – stood at the gate and, between them, shuffled the bent figure of our gardener, Eliot. “He says he works for you.” The speaker gestured offhandedly in his direction.

He stood between us, shoulders bowed under the weight of the blanket he had wrapped himself in, steam rising into the icy winter air like the dying remnants of a forest fire, stark in the frosty night.

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In the dog box

06082016272Here we see the rare Benjificus fantasticus in the dog box. His morning’s deeds have been trying indeed. They resulted in clothing and garden destruction, a near conniption fit (mine, of course), and me being forced to run (yes, I know – shocker, I can actually get up to quite a rapid gallop) in public. In my pyjamas.

Notice that none of the effects were related to Benji himself. And, although this may look like remorse, I think this little Houdini has zero regrets for his dastardly deeds this morning!

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Money matters

money-dogSo, I’ve been on the hunt for the perfect job where I can stretch my wings as a writer and build a career in the industry – while working for a company I like and respect. And, of course, by ‘perfect’, I mean: I will love getting up to go to work in the morning! But the one thing I’ve noticed that’s rather odd is the worldwide reticence to publish salary or even discuss it.

Which brings me to the point of this post: money, in general, is a taboo subject. In a world in which almost nothing is taboo anymore, I find this rather bizarre…

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Shrimp flowers

shrimp-flowerWhen I was a child, the shrimp plant – so named because the drooping beige-salmon-rose madder flowers look distinctly, well, shrimpy – was en vogue in gardens across South Africa. Right along with asbestos flower pots, wire-seated garden furniture, and ‘slasto’ (slate paving). You hardly ever see shrimp plants anymore and you certainly can’t buy them in any nursery I’ve come across, which is a pity because they’re really rather sweet. And, to me, special.

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Keep it in your car

old-keysLast night, I learned why you should always make sure you have everything you need in your car!

So Kiepie (that’s moi!) beetled off to the Kraaifontein Town Hall for a meeting regarding the Fisantekraal subcouncil and potential funding for FAW. After Miss Rigtingbedinges spent 15 minutes getting lost, I parked in their dark, dimly-lit parking lot and, being the crime-aware person I am, put the gear lock on, which I hardly ever bother doing. Although, tbh, the state my car is in at present, I doubt anybody would try to steal it! 😉

When the meeting finished after 9, off we pootled to to the dark and gloomy parking lot. Yay, time to go home and snuggle into bed! Boy, I couldn’t wait to leave the area.
*cue the red buzzer*
And that’s when I discovered that the key to the gear lock was not in my car where it always is…

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My first blog post!

jenniferdaviesSo, here it is: my first ever blog post. Nothing edifying to see here, folks!

I’ve been wanting to do this for a while – I just really didn’t know what to write about… And then I thought: But, wait! Yes I do! I have a whole world to write about! With multiple exclamation points!

And, so, here we have post number one. The Rambling Post. And, I dare say, many of my future posts will be just as rambling but, hey, if you don’t like, don’t read! Simple. Basically, it will be ‘the world from Jenni’s perspective’. Some may be poetic (don’t worry, none of that direly melodramatic teen stuff you write when you fancy yourself a Poet and wear lots of cheesecloth). Some may be angry. Some may be funny. And some…I don’t know! I will probably mention my dog, Benji. Or one of our other pets. Or animals in general. Possibly gardening too. And some other stuff.  

We’ll see how this turns out, shall we?

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