About me

JDProfilepicFinding the story in everyday things and polishing this story until it shines like a gem is my true passion. 

I also relish hunting down copy errors like a bloodhound and sinking my teeth into copy crying out for a little revamp. And I find social media and online marketing absolutely fascinating – and filled with possibility.

Creating change through writing is close to my heart. My particular areas of interest are health (I’m a registered phytotherapist), travel, animals, and psychology, although I can write about anything and everything.

When I’m not reading everything from shampoo bottles to novels, writing the world, and shredding my way through copy, I volunteer with a local animal welfare (as a fieldworker in the township itself and through marketing). I also enjoy the magic of getting things to grow in the garden, and the joy of spending time with my adopted terrier, Benji.

Marketing and the way in which people make choices based on creative marketing provides a source of endless interest and challenge.jenniferdavies

My portfolio on this website provides a small selection of pieces; I am the author of all written pieces and the designer for all design pieces.

©Jennifer Davies